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God's dream for you - original utg.

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Matthew Barnett
God's Dream for You: Finding Lasting Change in Jesus
Most of us begin our lives with a dream. But for many, those dreams get lost in the disappointments and clutter of life. Whether your dream or the dream of someone you love has been stolen from abuse, addiction, or a hurting heart, you need to know it is not too late to find hope again. 

The chances of changing – of truly breaking free from strongholds and daring to dream again – seem impossible. But Matthew Barnett will lead you to healing and real life change that only God offers. 

Through Matthew's work at the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California, he is able to share these true stories about people whose lives hit the lowest of lows, but after receiving the power and love of Jesus, they broke free from their bondage. They are not just surviving, they are leading brand-new lives. Their dreams are no longer out of reach, they're reality. 

God has a dream for you, whoever you are, wherever you've been, and whatever you have or haven't accomplished during your years on earth. Give Him the chance to walk you through to lasting change and show you an amazing life.

MATTHEW BARNETT, Best-Selling Author of The Church That Never Sleeps and The Cause Within You and pastor of one of America’s fasting growing churches, is one of the most dynamic voices God is using in Christianity today. Son of Pastor Tommy Barnett, Best-Selling Author, Church Growth Pioneer, and pastor of what Time Magazine considers one of the three largest churches in America, he has learned powerful principles of ministry which have gifted him in founding the Dream Center in Los Angeles.